Zinda Tilismath! Zinda Tilismath is age old Unani herbal medicine, which is used for treating many common ailments like cold, coughs, throat pain, body pain, stomach disorders, ear pain, tooth pain and many more. It is an over the counter drug, which is made from selected herbs. The medicine has no known side effects due to its herbal composition and is based on the Unani concept of medicine.

Zinda Tilismath – A Modern Panacea

Natural Herbs

It is made from the chosen herbs that reassure contribution of nature on health. It is well known as medication for all sicknesses/diseases (Har Marz ki Dawa) and enormously efficient for treating huge volumes of people. It has no adverse effects and is exclusive for intake and exterior usage making it globally renowned natural/herbal cure for umpteen number of general health disorders.

Cold, Cough and Coryza:

4 drops of Zinda Tilismath in warm milk, tea and coffee consumed 2 times per day provide instant relief.

Stomach Trouble:

Take eight drops of Zinda Tilismath along with half cup of warm water to cure any one of the above sicknesses.



"There are no adverse effects whatsoever with Zinda Tilismath and it is measured to be secured and used by women who are pregnant and infants too. There are recent observations and experiences of Zinda Tilismath users that it also relieves the pain from chicken guinea symptoms, dengue fever and swine flu"

Dr. Helen
Internal Medicine

"Zinda Tilismath is a traditional medicine (Unani) that has 100% herbal and natural value. Numerous regular illnesses such as Headache, Cold, Cough, throat pain, ear pain, vomiting, body pain, ear pain, tooth pain, chaos in the stomach and scores of others are treated by it to relieve pain"

Dr. Ali
Physician and Care Giver

"Apply cotton drenched in Zinda Tilismath to the exaggerated piece of gum for every 2 hours to relieve the pain"

Registered Nurse


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